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Make yourself heard —and seen.

Say the right thing to the right people

Make your message clear to everyone by defining the right strategy when it comes to communicating about your project. From extracting the essence of your work to unrolling a strong communication strategy over time, Resonance can help you through the process.

Every project is unique, and we are here to get the essence of your mission to help you broadcast to the right people.

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Content Production
Communications Strategy
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Longterm Partnership

Speak up and cover more ground

Press Relations
Strategy & Campaign

MusicTech is a very specific topic, and yet, innovation in music needs more attention from the Media.

Resonance built a PR offer specialized in MusicTech, keeping a B2B focus. Our goal is to create a strategy to reach out to the right audience between the music industry and tech field. Tailor-made strategies, working in the long term to settle a solid presence in a niche media space.

PR Strategy Workshop
PR Campaigns
Project Management
PR for MusicTech
Coverage Summary
Press Releases Production
Long Term Promotion

Building the bridge between Tech and Music

Acculturation &
Event Support

Innovation in Music is not only the affair of Tech companies, it's also the role of the music industry to adopt and integrate new concepts.

To work the path towards the digital transition of said traditional actors of Music, having support to understand more about innovation is vital. By acculturating and making sure MusicTech actors have a presence at events or in music companies methods, Resonance is helping building a stronger dialog between the two fields.

Knowledge Sourcing
Market Analysis
Event Support
Discovery Sessions
Digital Transition

Build solid foundations for your music business

Business Advice
& Strategy

From foundations to building long term strategies, music business can be supported by Resonance's MusicTech experts.

Working on the next steps of your business, finding out more about your competition or simply building a solid pitch, our team can act as a true partner to find the right way to build a strategy to develop a MusicTech company.

Competitive Watch
Pitch Elaboration
Fundraising Help
Business Intelligence
Business Advice